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Anyone who is discussing or negotiating over a house or a piece of real estate is going to need help at some point in the process. Real estate is inherently complicated, and there are many processes and clerical steps that you have to take in order to properly address your specific real estate situation.

Taking this challenge on without a lawyer can lead to mistakes, and given the importance of this matter, no one can afford such errors. You can trust the Law Office of Ramon Vega III to work tirelessly for you. We serve people who live in McAllen, Texas and the surrounding areas of the Rio Grande Valley.

Purchasing a home isn't the only real estate matter that can arise. There may be complex transfers of ownership. There could be major tax issues that need to be handled immediately. Someone could be trying to evict a tenant. Or a bank could be foreclosing on a homeowner. Or it could be that some complex documents need to be explained and fully considered with the help of a professional. Whatever your situation is, we are here to talk you through it — and then help you take action.

Supporting The Needs Of Businesses

Real estate isn't the only area of law that we practice. Businesses operate in a complex world of rules, regulations and contracts. Companies can face many unique issues that don't have intuitive solutions. And forming a business requires a lot of focus, determination and legal support, and then nurturing that new business so that it becomes a profitable staple of the community is even more challenging.

Bringing in an experienced attorney to sift through the complications of the business world is not a sign of defeat. We can work together to evaluate your business and address the key concerns that you have about formation and operation.

Criminal Defense Solutions

In addition to helping those with real estate and business issues, our firm has an accomplished record of cases relating to criminal law. Have you been charged with a DUI? Are you facing criminal charges that carry severe penalties? You may feel like the whole world is against you after being arrested, but we will stand by your side and represent you during your case. Too much is at risk: your driver's license, your job, your livelihood and your reputation are on the line.

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